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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2023

Young Pilots USA is extremely excited to announce our forthcoming presence at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2023, where we will be hosting Q&A sessions, guest speakers, panels, young pilot mixers, interactive games, and more! Please stay tuned here as we continue to update our list of expected contributors to the booth.


Justin Spence

Young warbird mechanic and owner

1100 on Monday 7/24

Ben Templeton

Pilot, 48 State Cub Trip

1400 on Monday 7/24

Julie Boatman

Editor in Chief, Flying magazine

1500 on Monday 7/24

William E. Dubois

Air racer and aviation journalist

1630 on Monday 7/24

Deon Mitton

International bush and seaplane pilot, aviation photographer

1000 on Tuesday 7/25

Lochie Ferrier

Systems engineer and test pilot, Magpie Aviation, formerly Beta Technologies

1130 on Tuesday 7/25

Nick Infantino

Youngest unit leader in the history of the Commemorative Air Force

1500 on Tuesday 7/25

Doug Rozendaal

Warbird DPE and instructor, airshow performer

1100 on Wednesday 7/26

Young Folks in Warbirds Panel

Nick Infantino

James Frank

Wesley Atteberry

Garrett Fleishman

1200 on Wednesday 7/26

Eric Zipkin

CEO, Tradewind Aviation, Chairman, Tunison Foundation

1500 on Wednesday 7/26

Kollin Stagnito

SVP Media & Marketing, AOPA

1000 on Thursday 7/27

The Passion for Aviation through Social Media Panel

Ethan O'Rourke


Joe Costanza

Jason McDowell

1100 on Thursday 7/27

Aaron Fitzgerald

Helicopter airshow performer, Red Bull Air Force

1600 on Thursday 7/27

Kevin Coleman

Airshow performer, Red Bull Air Force

1000 on Friday 7/28

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