David T. Strassburg

Guest Speaker – 1/21/21

Northampton, MA

David T. Strassburg was the Guest Speaker at our Virtual Meeting on Thursday, January 21st, 2021, and is an Adult Liaison to Young Pilots USA Chapter No. 3 in Northampton, MA. He spoke on "Glider Basics."

Dave is an independent flight instructor for a number of airports around the Northeast, specializing in glider instruction, as well as a corporate jet pilot and inventor of the Strassburg Sock™, an innovative and patented treatment for plantar fasciitis.

As a pilot, David Strassburg holds an Airline Transport Pilot's license, with an ATP-level AMEL rating and Commercial-level ASEL and Glider ratings. He holds an SIC type rating in the Learjet 60, and holds CFI, CFII, MEI, CFI-G, and IGI instruction qualifications.

As an aircraft owner, Dave owns and operates his Cessna 310R.

He lives in Northampton, MA with his wife, Tara, and daughter, Jess, also pilots.