Chapter Events

Individual Young Pilots USA chapters generally organize their own events in the form of hangar parties, pancake breakfasts, introductory flights, and other regular meetings. Most events are affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Please contact individual chapters for more information, or refer to our FAQ.

We're planning our own annual fly-in, starting summer 2021, as well! Located at Goodspeed Airport (42B) in East Haddam, CT and taking place on the weekend of August 21st, more information will be published as soon as details are finalized. As with other external events we hope to be involved with in the future, keep your eyes peeled for more news.

Virtual Events

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Young Pilots USA has developed a suite of virtual events available to members nationwide, as well as the general public. Starting on Thursday, January 21st, 2021, we've hosted a Zoom guest speaker lecture/Q&A series on alternating Thursdays on a wide variety of topics. If you'd like more information, please become a member. If you'd like to be a guest speaker, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Guest Speakers

  1. David T. Strassburg – 1/21/2021 – "Glider Basics"

  2. Thomas M. Anderson – 2/4/2021 – "The Romance of Aviation: Careers, Follies, and Foibles"

  3. Christopher R. Hand – 2/18/2021 – "Career Aspects of Aviation"

  4. Eric Zipkin – 3/4/2021 – "How Young People Can Get Involved with Warbirds"

  5. Garrett M. Fleishman – 3/18/2021 – "A Young Pilot's Story"

  6. Peter J. Gundermann – 5/13/2021 – "Non-Pilot Aviation Career Opportunities"

  7. Jason McDowell – 5/27/2021 – "NIFA Competitions"

No upcoming events at the moment