Hugh T. Flanagan

YP 9

Middlebury, CT

Hugh Flanagan is a Member of the Young Pilots USA Executive Board and a member of Chapter 1 in Oxford, CT.  He is from Middlebury, CT and is currently attending Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA as a rising junior where he is studying General Engineering with an Aviation concentration. 

Through the aviation concentration, he has been able to obtain his Private Pilot's Licence with ASEL and Instrument ratings and logged nearly 100 hours, primarily in a Diamond DA40NG and Piper PA-28.  He is currently working on his Instrument Rating and expects to complete his commercial rating by the time of his graduation in 2024.  


Hugh has always had a keen interest in aviation, stemming from an early fascination with the history and facts behind airplanes and their development over the years.  He is very excited to be part of the Executive Board for Young Pilots USA and hopes to help present opportunities to those interested in aviation just like he was, and is, and encourage young people all over America to follow their passion for flight.