Joseph V. Costanza

Ambassador – Marlton, NJ

Joseph V. Costanza serves as a social media Ambassador for Young Pilots USA, using his considerable web following and excellent photography skills to spread the mission of Young Pilots USA.

Joe is a Captain at Spirit Airlines, flying the Airbus A320, based out of Atlantic City, NJ (ACY). He is also a celebrated photographer, having earned two GoPro awards for his unique angles photographing his yellow Cub. He has over 8,000 Instagram followers and the better part of 1,000 YouTube subscribers, making him an ideal fit to broaden the base of our youth aviation community. Joe has been an Ambassador for Young Pilots USA since December 2020.

As a pilot, Mr. Costanza holds an ATP-level AMEL rating and a Commercial-level ASEL rating, in addition to type ratings in the Airbus A320 family and Embraer ERJ family. He has been a pilot since 1995.

As an aircraft owner, Costanza currently owns his 1941 Piper J3F-65 Cub.

He is married with four daughters and lives in Marlton, NJ.

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