Kirk D. Garner

YP No. 15

Director, Executive Board

Founding Member – Hanover, NH

President, Chapter No. 7

Kirk D. Garner is a Director of the Young Pilots USA Executive Board and has been involved in Young Pilots USA since early on. He is also the President of Young Pilots USA Chapter No. 7 in Lebanon, NH, and the creator and editor of the Young Pilots USA newsletter.

Originally from Washington, DC, Kirk first got involved in aviation through his stepfather, an avid pilot, and friends in aviation.

Kirk is a junior at Hanover High School in Hanover, NH, and previously attended Kent School in Kent, CT. Kirk is an alumnus of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, a member of the New Hampshire Academy of Science, and a rejected applicant from Deerfield Academy. Kirk has also managed to beg his way into a Dartmouth Economics course where he will hopefully attend this fall.


Kirk has worked as an Internet personality/talk show host, in a Cambodian sandwich shop in Hanover, NH as a translator, and as an apprentice beekeeper for the Swiss embassy in Washington, DC. Recently, Kirk has started Hanover Hives, a company which sells organic bee-related goods from his apiary.

The greatest aviation-related achievement Kirk lays claim to occurred on an eight-hour layover in the Guangzhou International Airport where the only food available was "spicy rooster skulls." While he could have closed his flying career there, Kirk is also currently pursuing a pilot's license, flying the Cessna 172.

Kirk lives with his family in Hanover, NH when not traversing New England on foot.