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Updates on the 2021 Goodspeed Fly-In

Young Pilots USA has been working hard behind the scenes as the August 20th to August 22nd Goodspeed Fly-In approaches. Some changes have occurred to the plans of the fly-in so it is more financially feasible for the organization. These include scaling back both the live music portion and organized seminars of the event. The informal aircraft competitions will remain on the schedule. We will now be guaranteeing free admission to all attendees with the hopes of making this event accessible to as many current and aspiring aviators as possible. Donations are greatly appreciated to assist the organization in offsetting the costs required to host the event. All attendees are welcome to camp at the airport with no fees and there is no registration required for the event. On-site camping spaces, aircraft parking, and vehicle parking will be first come first served. We are anticipating a strong turnout of aviation enthusiasts to gather at the Goodspeed Airport (42B) in East Haddam, CT for a weekend full of fun flying, newfound knowledge and relationships, and memories that are sure to last a lifetime. You won’t want to miss this event and the opportunity to participate in the

first annual YPUSA Fly-In!

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