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Young Pilots USA Introduces New National Leadership Structure

Young Pilots USA is proud to announce a slight reorganization of its national leadership structure. This reorganization will, in effect, formalize decision-making processes and provide insurance against a change in the leadership team in the long-term in the form of increased structure.

These changes will be documented in the first edition of Young Pilots USA's organizational bylaws, which will be published on our website on Thursday, March 25th, 2021, and will ensure a fair process for all decision-making, while retaining the dynamic nature of our organization.

Fundamentally, the leadership of individual chapters of Young Pilots USA will remain the same, with Member-elected Chapter Presidents overseeing local events and programs for the benefit of their members and the community. The only change to these as a result of the bylaws will be that chapters will be expected to meet at least once a month, along with events for the surrounding community to broaden our base and, ultimately, the community of aviation.

The national leadership team will be restructured into an Executive Board, made up of a President and Directors, who will vote on all major decisions for the national organization. More details on the Executive Board's commitment to professional parliamentary procedure and its makeup will be released soon, but for now, Luc Zipkin, YP No. 1, formerly President of Young Pilots USA, will serve as President of the Executive Board, with Kirk D. Garner, YP No. 15, formerly Vice President of Development for Young Pilots USA, will serve as a Director. All Young Pilots USA members are encouraged to reach out to Luc Zipkin for enquiries regarding a Director position on the Executive Board.

Young Pilots USA is America’s only nationwide members’ association of young aviators that’s actually run by young people, with an annual fly-in, guest speaker series, a great aviation community, and chapters in 11 states and growing!

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