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Young Pilots USA Plans to Exhibit at Oshkosh 2023

Young Pilots USA strives to reach as many young people as possible, bringing them a community that shows through its words and actions that aviation is attainable and friendly, as a career, pastime, and pursuit that advances science and business.

The Executive Board has been hard at work making strategic investments to broaden the scope of Young Pilots USA, and it's working: our network of 25 chapters across 17 states remains strong in many ways, planning for a third Goodspeed Fly-In is underway, and recent surveys show that the member base's faith in our mission is unyielding in spite of the complex landscape we work within. However, for this next step, Young Pilots USA needs your help.

Nothing in aviation is quite as big as EAA's AirVenture Oshkosh. With over half a million people and over 10,000 aircraft in attendance every year, at a certain point, if you're an aviation organization and you're not at Oshkosh, you're nobody. Young Pilots USA has reached that point, and it's time to exhibit there; for over fifty years, aviation culture the world over has centered, for one week at the end of July, in Oshkosh, WI. In 2023, Young Pilots USA plans on creating a unique booth that will integrate education and outreach (along with some very special, Oshkosh-exclusive YPUSA merchandise!) in the Aviation Gateway Park, alongside some of the nation's foremost aviation universities and educational organizations.

The Executive Board is planning panels, Q&A sessions, guest speakers, young pilot mixers, and more, all emphasizing our fantastic community and working towards its rapid growth. For Members able to attend and the general public, it should be something really cool to see. However, estimates suggest that a full presence will cost over $10,000, with almost $2,000 due to EAA in under six weeks. Young Pilots USA seldom asks for money in general and has never asked for money from its Members before, but these are special circumstances.

Young Pilots USA has a goal of raising $10,000 for this project by September 30th, the two-year anniversary of the founding of our organization. With your help, we can make it happen!

Young Pilots USA is seeking financial contributions! All donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law thanks to our ongoing partnership with the Tunison Foundation; please mark "Young Pilots USA" as your restriction so that your money goes to the right place. There is also Young Pilots USA merch for sale on our website, as well as volunteering opportunities at our booth and towards our fundraising efforts. Interested Members, please contact Young Pilots USA.

This is an exciting time for our young organization and for a lot of young people, and with the right kind of support, Young Pilots USA is confident it can continue to grow and spread the word of aviation to more people than ever before.

Young Pilots USA is America's nationwide members' association for young people in aviation, run completely by young pilots themselves. With 25 chapters in 17 states, YPUSA seeks to create an encouraging and supportive community for the next generation of aviators through our annual fly-in, network of chapters, and efforts to sponsor Members taking youth aviation to new heights.

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