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YPUSA Appoints Social Media Head, Starts Newsletter; Joe Costanza to Present

Young Pilots USA is excited to announce a variety of developments as our organization moves into its first-ever summer flying season!

First, we are overjoyed to let everyone know that we have appointed Grace M. Kane, YP No. 20, will become the Social Media Manager for Young Pilots USA, overseeing our Instagram and Facebook accounts, which will allow us to really make a push for expanding our organization to new members, many of whom first learned about YPUSA through social media. Grace first got involved with Young Pilots USA through Sugarbush Soaring's youth glider camps in Vermont, and hopes to do whatever she can to work towards our mission of creating a community group for young aviators.

The Executive Board has also officially decided to create a newsletter for our members, advisors, adult liaisons, supporters, and friends, dedicated to showing the impact our organization has on the nationwide community of young pilots, as well as your usual announcements and updates on our events, organizational growth, and our work for you as members. The newsletter, which is not yet named, will be managed by Kirk D. Garner, YP No. 15, who is also a Director on the Executive Board and President of YP Chapter No. 7 in Lebanon, NH.

In other news, the virtual guest speaker series is off of its hiatus, and returning at 7:00 P.M. EST on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021. In line with our outlook towards a fun-filled summer flying season, we're welcoming the King of Summer Flying, Joe Costanza, an airline pilot, aviation influencer, and Cub pilot, whose photos of his 1941 Piper J3 Cub have won him GoPro awards and over 10,000 followers on Instagram. Mr. Costanza is a captain on the Airbus A320 for Spirit Airlines and an Ambassador for Young Pilots USA.

Young Pilots USA is America’s only nationwide members’ association of young aviators that’s actually run by young people, with an annual fly-in, guest speaker series, a great aviation community, and chapters in 12 states and growing!

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